The fate of Ivangorod, situated 150 km from St.Petersburg on the motorway and railroad to Tallinn, was predetermined by its location. It is not only the westernmost point of the Leningrad Region but also the state border of the Russian Federation. Most passengers and cargoes heading to Estonia go through the Ivangorod customs house and checkpoint. It is this new, or rather old but forgotten function of the city that emphasizes three main directions of is development: intermediate trade, transit transportation and, of course, tourism.

The main city attraction is the fortress of 1492 striking visitors with its power and monumentality. It is built on the slopes of the Devichia (Virgin) Hill, a picturesque though hard-to-reach place surrounded by the rapid Narva River and a deep ditch.

Official Web-Site

Official Web-Site: http://www.ivangorod.ru.


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