Russian Hansa 

Русская Ганза

In July 30, 2010 in Velikiy Novgorod City a new organization was established to consolidate the Russian Hansa - a non-profit organization "Union of Russian Hanseatic cities". The founders of the Union were 10 of 13 Russian Hanseatic cities namely Belozersk, Velikiy Novgorod, Velikiy Ustyug, Vologda, Ivangorod, Kingisepp, Pskov, Tver, Tikhvin and Torzhok.

The goal of the Union is to deepen and to strengthen cultural, scinetific, public anf economic links between the member-cities of the Union as well as with the foreign partners - cities of the Hansa League of the New Times. Any Russian municipality, which is a participant of the International Hansa, may join the Union.

The supreme governing body of the Union is the General Assembly that is generated from the number of authorized representatives of the participating cities. Meeting is held once a year. Current activities of the Union are directed by a collegial management body - the Council of the Union. The Council consists of 5 members elected by the annual General Assembly. Mayor of Velikiy Novgorod is the Chairman of the Council of the Union. Given the tradition of the Hanseatic League of the New Times Chairman of the Council, the Mayor of Veliky Novgorod has an honorary title - President of the Union of Russian Hanseatic cities. Currently, Velikiy Novgorod City, and the Union are headed by Mr. Yuri Bobryshev.


Official Representative Office of the Union is located in Velikiy Novgorod City.

The Head of the Office is the Head of Cultural Heritage Department of the Velikiy Novgorod City Administration Mr. Vladimir Orlov.

One of the main events consolidating Russian Hansa are Russian Hansa Days. Their long-run schedule is being forming. In June 2011 the 1st Russian Hansa Days took place in Velikiy Novgorod. The next festival will be held in 2012 in Belozersk Town (Vologda Region). In 2013, the honor to host the Russian Hansa will be delivered to Pskov City, in 2014 - to Kingisepp Town (Leningrad Region).