The city of Tikhvin belongs to historical cities of Russia and occupies a special position in the Leningrad Region due to such monuments as the outstanding ensemble of the Tikhvin Monastery of the Virgin of the 16th – 19th cc., the great Russian composer Rimsky-Korsakov’s estate, old Medieval Town and wooden houses of architectural value giving a good insight in the outlook of a typical provincial city of the 19th c.

The favorable location on the crossroads of commercial ways connecting the Volga with Lake Ladoga and the Baltic Sea ensured a rapid development of the Tikhvin churchyard, a predecessor of the city of Tikhvin. By the early 16th c. it had already become a well-known centre of trade and crafts.

In the 15th and early 16th cc. Tikhvin became an important religious centre of North-West Russia as it was the shrine of the miracle-making Tikhvin icon of the Mother of God. This fact attracted the attention of state authorities and was conducive to the rapid growth of the settlement.

Tikhvin has a conspicuous place in Russian cultural history. The architectural buildings of the 16th – 17th cc. were famous already in their time and most of them have been preserved until present days.

The development of the architectural ensemble of the Tikhvin Monastery began already in the early 16th c. This was the time when the Assumption Cathedral, an outstanding monument of Old Russian architecture, was built in the monastery.

At present the city has a developed timber, timber-chemical and timber-processing industry, construction and agricultural processing and production.

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Тихвин отправил благодарность в Гданьск
Tikhvin sent gratitude to Gdansk 26 октября 2020

The Hanseatic cities of Europe continue to send books to Tikhvin, and Tikhvin thanked the library from the Polish Gdansk.

Автор: Станислав Смирнов, Совет депутатов Тихвинского района.
Тихвин отметит двойной юбилей
Tikhvin will celebrate the double anniversary 04 июля 2018
Автор: Станислав Смирнов, Совет депутатов Тихвинского района.
Тихвин подарит кованное панно вологодскому Музею Ганзейских ремесел
Tikhvin will present a forged panel to the Vologda Museum of Hanseatic Crafts 27 июня 2018
Автор: Станислав Смирнов, Совет депутатов Тихвинского района.